Normally, it takes about 30 days to finish your new bespoke suit. We consult with each customer on their suit requirements including how often will it be worn, what kind of the look do you want, etc. After the requirements have been agreed, we measure your body precisely.   Every details will be noted such as uneven shoulder slope, irregular posture (erect or stoop), unequal length of arms or legs, putting thick wallet on the trousers back pocket etc.  

We then use the measurements to draft a pattern for your suit taking into account any style, fit requirements and your body details. The fabric will cut out to make a try on.

We need 7-10 days to make a suit ready for the first fitting, called Skeleton Baste. At this stage, the basic parts of the suit are sewn together with white cotton basting thread.

The interior construction such as canvas and shoulder pads are temporary sewing to the jacket. The main purpose of the firstfitting is to allow the cutter to check the fit of your pattern. This stage is used for new customers only. For the repeat customers, it can usually skipped to the second fitting as the pattern would have already been perfected.

After the first fitting about 7-10 days, then we have the second fitting, called forward fitting. At this stage the suit will have the major construction, such as canvas interlining, shoulder pads, pockets, sleeves and lapels facing except the buttonholes and hand felling (sewing) on the lapels, jacket front, pocket flap and collar. This stage will give you a more obvious picture of how your suit will look. 

If there’s no major alterations needed, your new bespoke suit will be ready to pickup in the next 7-10 days after the second fitting.