Holland & Sherry : Cool*Breeze


Holland & Sherry : Cool*Breeze

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HS 1626 240grm 7½oz

Composition: 100% Wool Worsted


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Cool*Breeze is a plain weave fabric woven from a merino wool worsted yarn that has been spun to 60/2nm count. It is the ideal fabric to wear throughout the summer months, the construction allows the body to breathe and stay cool, while the wool composition boasts a host of qualities that are inherent to Cool*Breeze.

Cool*Breeze is the perfect collection from which to select your wardrobe staples as it has been constructed to withstand everyday wear at the same time as offering a luxurious drape and handle.

Merino Wool Crimp Factor

Wool fabrics have much more bulk than other fabrics, because of the natural crimp of each wool fibre. The crimp allows air to penetrate through the fibres, helping the body to retain heat in cold climates and expel heat in warmer climates.


The crimp factor also provides the cloth with natural elasticity, which allows gentle manipulation in tailoring and makes the cloth comfortable to wear. 


Merino Wool Absorbency 

The outer core of a wool fibre is hydrophobic, meaning it repels water, whilst its inner core is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs water. In warm climates therefore, the inner core of the wool fibre absorbs body perspiration, which is immediately expelled into the air while the outer core remains dry. This process allows the body to breathe and regulate its temperature normally. 

Merino Spinning & Dye Uptake 

The crimp factor makes the spinning process much easier as it forces the fibres to attach themselves to each other for support, producing a strong, well-rounded yarn. Because wool has the ability to absorb moisture it can also absorb dye more readily than any other fibre, enabling us to present a full range of beautiful, rich colours.