Holland & Sherry : Key West III


Holland & Sherry : Key West III

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HS 1616 220-280grm 7-9oz

Composition: 100% Cotton Double Cloth / 100% Cotton


Bespoke Garment:
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Key West; an island off the coast of Florida, where the sun shines all year round and where people party into the small hours of the morning. With the warm glow of the blazing sun, the cool breeze whispering through the trees, the gentle washing of the ocean waves and the long golden beaches, Key West is the sole inspiration for this new collection of informal leisurewear from Holland & Sherry.

Our Key West collection has become our definitive summer collection of superior cottons, encapsulating the essential dress-down seasonal look. New to the collection are a series of colourful, double-faced chequerboard designs that are perfect for a more casual, unstructured garment. A more contemporary look can be achieved by edging the inside panel seams with a contrasting colour, offering the ultimate style in bespoke tailoring.

Also featured are a collection of large tonal plaid and tartan plaid designs that are ideal for jackets and trousers, as well as a range of brightly colour-woven gaberdines. Colours include bright blue, turquoise, coral and lime green 

This season's Key West collection will not disappoint, as we believe it is the ideal choice for the perfect summer suiting.