Holland & Sherry : Ascot Classic


Holland & Sherry : Ascot Classic

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HS 1787 280gm 9oz

Composition: 100% Wool Worsted


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Holland & Sherry’s new range of luxurious 100% wool worsted jacketing comprises classically coloured and styled gun club and glen plaid designs, alongside some new and contemporary windowpanes.

Cloths from our Ascot range are ideal for the country or city and have a traditional, timeless appeal that makes them an essential component of every wardrobe.

Benefits of the collection include:

  • Woven from a 2/2 twill weave construction, giving extra body, warmth and stability.
  • The wool micron is 20.5µ for strength and durability
  • The yard used is a 60/2 new metric yarn in both warp and weft directions, allowing for a full, well rounded handle.
  • These benefits allow the cloth to be tailored with ease and make them pleasure to wear.