Holland & Sherry : Summer Variety


Holland & Sherry : Summer Variety

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HS 1787 230-280gm 7-9oz

Lightweight Plains in a regular twill, Cavalry twills & Whipcords

Composition: 70% Super 120's Worsted 30% Teclana®


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This collection of high performance, plain fabrics has been woven from Super 120’s wool worsted with Teclana®. Teclana® is an exclusive technical fibre developed by Holland & Sherry, it combines the natural benefits of wool with the technical advantages of Teclana®. Included in this collection is a comprehensive range of coloured, plains in a regular twill, cavalry twill or a whipcord construction.

  • A regular twill can be identified by its smooth untextured surface.
  • A cavalry twill can be identified by its deep double twill formation.
  • A whipcord can be identified by its ribbed, steeply angled twill formation.

By intimately blending Teclana® with a 17.5µ micron wool, and spinning the yarn to the finest count possible, we are able to produce a more competitive priced fabric that has the same handle and weight normally associated with fabrics woven from more expensive and much finer micron wools.