Holland & Sherry : Summer in the City


Holland & Sherry : Summer in the City

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HS 1424 230gm 7.5oz

Composition: 70% Super 120's Worsted 30% Teclana®


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This collection is a new range of high performance, classically styled suiting fabrics woven from Super 120’s wool worsted with Teclana®. Teclana® is an exclusive technical fibre developed by Holland & Sherry, combining the natural benefits of wool with the technical advantages of Teclana® and boasting the following properties:

• Ultra-fine Teclana® is finer than most delicate silks
• Teclana® offers good insulation and allows the body to breathe
• Teclana® has a natural wicking action that keeps the body cool and dry in warm climates
• Teclana® blended fabrics are not prone to pilling or creasing
• Teclana® blended fabrics tailor well and hold their shape

A wool-blended fabric with Teclana® benefits from all of the above properties, with the added benefit of Super 120's Merino wool. Its natural crimp creates pockets of air, allowing for movement and manipulation when tailoring, and natural stretch for added comfort when being worn.

By intimately blending Teclana® with a 17.5µ micron wool, and spinning the yarn to the finest count possible, we are able to produce a more competitive priced fabric that has the same handle and weight normally associated with fabrics woven from more expensive and much finer micron wools.