Holland & Sherry : Target Gaberdines


Holland & Sherry : Target Gaberdines

from 12,000.00

HS 1129 260gm 8/9oz

Composition: Super 100's & Super 130’s Worsted Plains


Bespoke Garment:
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Offering incomparable comfort and resilience, Holland & Sherry’s Target Gaberdines collection comprises two qualities.

Serge is constructed from a 2/2 twill and generally has the same number of threads in both warp and weft directions; the twill line produced runs from left to right at a 45 degree angle. Traditionally serge cloths were used by the military because of their ability to withstand harsh wear. A serge fabric is considered to be more versatile and is used for suitings, trousers and blazers.

Gaberdines are constructed from a 2/1 twill with significantly more threads in the warp than in the weft. This tightly woven fabric is smooth on the reverse with a steep twill diagonal running from left to right on the face.

The pioneering fabric technology of the gaberdine was developed in the late 19th century and was originally used for special performance garments for explorers, army officer, mountaineers and as uniform for the king guards. Today its usage has become a little more refined by weaving from finer yarns and finer wool microns we have managed to achieve an elite cloth suitable for even the more discerning customer.

Offering a wide range of beautiful colours including butterscotch, moss green, cerise and series of natural tan mixtures we are sure that you will find our new collection inspirational!