Holland & Sherry : Royal Mile 1976


Holland & Sherry : Royal Mile 1976

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SUPER 140's MERINO WOOL by Holland & Sherry, England

HS1831A 280grm 9oz


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The Royal Mile is in the heart of Scotland's historic capital Edinburgh. It is one of Scotland’s oldest and most famous streets and is the link between Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Palace of Holyroodhouse.

The name implies the distance between these buildings is one mile, however the reference is to one Scots mile, which equates to 1976 yards rather than an Imperial English mile which is 1760 yards.

This quality may be recognisable by some as it has been a significant part of our collection for many years under a previous name – also referring to distance!

The cloth is woven from compact spun yarn; a specialised spinning technique which draws the short fibres to the core, allowing the long fibres to bind the outside, creating a level, even and luxurious yarn. The resultant high-performing woven cloth is more level in colour, has a smooth handle and improved wearability due to the lower number of surface fibres.

The collection contains a range of classic weaves : herringbones, sharkskins and micro patterns, glen plaids, pin steps; and plains.

Offered in traditional suiting colours-- greys, blues and browns. It is the perfect all-season suiting for the distinguished individual.

Our classic high-quality collection of Super 140's merino worsted suiting is well deserving of its pretigious name "Royal Mile 1976"