Holland & Sherry : SherryKash


Holland & Sherry : SherryKash

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Luxury Wool with Cashmere Jacketings by Holland & Sherry, England

HS 1390 300/320gm

Composition: 90% Super 110’s Worsted Wool 10% Cashmere


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This luxury selection of fine merino wool and cashmere blended fabrics is becoming a regular feature of the Holland & Sherry collection.

Combining comfort and softness beyond compare, it is the peak of perfection for winter jacketings.

This luxury collection of a wool and cashmere blend combines comfort and softness beyond compare; it is the peak of perfection for winter jacketing. The collection offers two qualities that feature the following benefits:

  • The finest cashmere fibres have been gathered from the saddle of the cashmere goat by carefully combing the goat's fleece during the spring months.
  • The cashmere has then been carefully blended with 18µ merino wool to produce a range of opulent melange colours beyond compare.
  • The combing and blending of the fibres continues, gently removing any short staple fibres from the blend.
  • Once all the longer fibres are in perfect alignment and the desired level of colour achieved the fibres are gently twisted together in a soft "S" direction.
  • The soft "S" twist in the finished yarn and the gentle scour that the cloth undergoes contribute to the unparalleled softness, lightness and warmth of the cloth

With Luxurious handle and beautiful drape the SherryKash collection enjoys timeless appeal. The self assured colour palette is further enhanced but the addition of contemporary accent colours.